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Welcome to Worldbuilder! This is a site devoted to telling stories, both real and surreal. As a writer, my job is to open up minds and let them embrace the intricacies of the world. Enjoy!

Here is a sample of my work:

The internet is not a private place, and on many websites we give out our personal information, yet we think of it as a place where we can communicate easily and safely. The harsh reality reveals, however, that we can be hacked or bugged at and time through software that we download every day. Passwords are compromised for so many people, so why do we make them? Maybe its the false safety or privacy that we feel in their making. And some passwords are infinitely hard to crack, though you do not come across those often. If that sense of privacy is something we like, then why are we on the internet at all? For one, it is a place that we can share our thoughts and ideas with the world and to friends and learn whats going on in our big world. This knowledge is very important, but is it worth the risk?

(I don’t think the web is bad, but just think about it.)

I for one, think that it is worth the risk. What you learn from the web is very important. If you are hacked or your passwords are compromised you can always start over. Every time that happens you will learn some more until you can find the right way to interact with the web yourself. You just have to be aware of the good and bad the web brings, and be careful of what you do.